Bringing fresh ideas out of chaos, exploring the new pathways, vibrating with the Cosmos, being in the Flow.



Is not about the designer. It's about bringing every client's dreams and ideas to life and making them really work!



Is about being open and truly connecting to the world  around.  Connection brings understanding of other people's perspectives, therefore helps with making better designs! 

About ME

Artist = Conduit

I'm a graphic designer, singer, songwriter, painter. 

Over the years I discovered that being a fulfilled human being  is a  creative process of letting go of what isn't needed and opening up to the unknown. 

Living Outside the Box

Using so many creative outlets, like making music, dancing, songwriting or doing visual arts has given me a unique perspective in my design approach... I am fuelled by the joy of doing what I love. 

Working Design

With nearly 20 years experience in the design industry combined with the sensitivity of an artist, I'm able to create an original, client focused  designs that have their unique voice, evoke emotions while remaining universal.